About us

Founded in 2012 in the Charente region of France, Ex-tech Signalling began the next phase of its exciting story in May 2023, with acquisition by Pioneer Safety Group (PSG), part of the London headquartered Longacre Group.

Ex-tech Signalling was acquired along with Ex-tech Solution, joining the established brands and companies of Pyropress and Pyroban in PSG.

By September 2023, Ex-tech Signalling manufacturing was fully integrated into the long and well established Pyropress facility in Plymouth, UK, alongside their instrumentation design and production.

This strengthens the support and market presence of the product range by wrapping a strong and experienced multi-disciplinary team around it, and brings expertise in manufacturing, certification and marketing for explosive atmosphere and harsh environment products.

About Ex-tech Solution

Extensive Product Range

To underpin the growth of Ex-tech Signalling, all production, sales, and customer service has been relocated to the Pyropress facility in Plymouth, UK.

This will give access to the well-established Pyropress distribution channels, to extend and increase awareness of the products and give local service across the globe. It also brings the talents of the Pyropress team strengthen the support of the product assembly.